Content outline:

Hydrographic data management comprises data processing and  is presented together with professional software tools, like CARIS HIPS/SIPS. The module includes the concepts of GIS, and practicals make uses of the freeware QGIS.

  • Raw data and acquisition systems;
  • Hydrographic data processing principle;
  • Single and multibeam echosounder system data processing;
  • Side scan sonar imagery;
  • GIS;
  • Hydrographic data format, data exchange and nautical charts.


The main learning outcomes of HDM are:

  1. To process swath echo-sounder systems data from raw data to digital terrain models, in particular to be able to detect systematic errors, and apply data quality assessment methods
  2. To process SBES data, apply interpolation methods and evaluate DTM uncertainty
  3. To process (compensation, mosaics) side-scan sonar and interpret side-scan images
  4. To integrate survey data into a GIS,  structure survey data, and manage metadata. Produce minutes of bathymetry

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