Content outline:

  • Underwater acoustics, acoustic transducers, propagation of sound in sea water;
  • Single beam echo sounders;
  • Side scan sonars;
  • Multibeam echosounders;
  • Bathymetric LiDAR;


The main learning outcomes of BAT are:

  1. To set-up a bathymetric measurement system, with the knowledge of oceanographic data and seafloor composition;
  2. To interpret water column data and sounders returns of a bathymetric system from the knowledge of acoustic parameters and environmental conditions;
  3. To calibrate, apply quality control procedure of acoustic depth measurement systems. To set and optimize on-line acoustic parameters of a bathymetric system;
  4. To calibrate and set the acoustic parameters of a seafloor imaging system; interpret seafloor imaging for obstructions search;
  5. To describe several non acoustic bathymetry techniques.

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