CIDCO Hydrographic Survey Category B Course

The CIDCO course addresses all topics of hydrography, from geodesy, positioning, underwater acoustics and bathymetry, tides and water levels, to hydrographic data processing. As such it is a comprehensive programme in hydrography, which delivers a high quality and innovative educational content in both foundation sciences and hydrographic practice at sea.

The course has been designed to meet the international standards of competence at Category B, as described in the S-5 publication of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).


Upon completion, you will receive a CIDCO certificate, stating that you completed a programme.

There is a high demand from the industry for hydrographic surveyors to perform a growing number of marine and inland survey works. Ranging from near-shore, off-shore or inland waterways surveys, the maritime industry (dredging, construction, oil & gas, specialized survey companies) is growing fast.

Completion of a IHO recognized course will gives you the opportunity to work world-wide in an area of sustainable and rapid development.

As a Category B surveyor, you will be able to contribute to the hydrographic activities of companies, government agencies, in accordance to IHO and/or industry quality standards.

Entry requirements : 

This course is aimed at an audience of graduates with a technical diploma in land surveying, and entry requirements are :

  • Successful completion of a two year technical diploma in Geomatics, Land Surveying, Civil Engineering with Geomatics option;


  • Successful completion of an undergraduate programme (BSc, BEng) in land surveying or geomatics.

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Course format:

Step #1 : e-learning, within a period of 8 months.

This mode of delivery includes:

  • Unlimited access to the CIDCO e-learning platform, which includes videos, electronic lessons and self assessment quizzes, an impressive number of data sets to illustrate the major concepts of each modules;
  • Simulation programs written in SCILAB;
  • GNSS datasets handleable in RTKLIB;
  • Data layers handleable in QGIS;
  • Access to CIDCO server to run professional software for bathymetric data processing (Caris HIPS&SIPS);
  • Web-conferences;
  • Tutoring by CIDCO experts.

 CIDCO _ module lab

Step #2 : Hydrographic survey project (7 weeks), on the Saint-Lawrence River at Rimouski, Québec, Canada.

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CIDCO Hydrographic survey project